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All About Concierge Medical in NY

Concierge Medical in NY is a company that empowers and protects the physician-patient relationship through their concierge medicine model. NYM helps doctors practice how they want, while giving patients what they deserve: quality care in an efficient manner with no strings attached.

Consulting a concierge physician is a good place to turn if you’re unhappy with your current healthcare options. This type of practice provides a high level of personalized care while still being affordable, and it’s available in virtually every community.

Concierge physicians provide 24-hour access to healthcare through direct phone lines or email correspondence, and they can offer patients a variety of resources such as legal assistance, counseling services, airport transportation, home nursing, help maintaining nutritional health and fitness goals, assistance with gaining employment opportunities, etc. These benefits are often more beneficial than any insurance medical coverage facility could provide because the focus is on patient needs rather than corporate profits.

The nature of a concierge medicine practice usually promotes better continuity of care, and concierge physicians are more likely to order complete diagnostic tests and/or imaging studies. Concierge medicine emphasizes primary care with a focus on preventative healthcare, which is generally covered by health insurance plans. A traditional practice can’t afford to spend precious time contacting insurances for pre-certification or following up with patients for authorization for services, but a concierge physician can. This allows the doctor to order whatever diagnostic studies are necessary in order to provide timely care to their patients.

It is not uncommon for concierge physicians to have decades of experience in providing healthcare to their communities which provides them with an exceptional base of knowledge and skills that enables them to offer more comprehensive and accurate diagnoses.

Conventional medicine in the United States is primarily concerned with covering up symptoms rather than finding a cure, and doctors often prescribe ineffective medications or perform minimally-invasive procedures such as joint replacement surgery to cover up physical complaints like chronic pain. This practice is common due to the fact that pharmaceutical companies provide incentives such as grants and consulting fees to medical professionals in exchange for prescribing their products.

Concierge medicine is a good idea for patients who do not have the time or desire to spend hours dealing with complicated insurance plans, and it’s also beneficial for those who prefer more personalized care from physicians who focus on preventing disease and maintaining functional health

Concierge medicine is a model that can be applied to any practice, large or small. It works well for practices looking to increase the number of patients they see per day while also improving their revenue streams and gaining more control over patient care. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in implementing at your own practice, contact us today! Our team will work with you one-on-one to create an affordable concierge program tailored specifically for your needs.

If you’re interested in concierge medicine in New York City and/or the surrounding NYC area, but aren’t sure where to start or how to transition into the model, we have a guide for that! For more information please check out one of our many New York locations.




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