Medical House Calls NYC

At Concierge Doctor NYC, located in the heart of New York City, we’re dedicated to providing top-tier medical house call services to our community. Our concierge approach means personalized care tailored to your unique health needs.


Do you need a doctor to make a house call in New York City? Our concierge medical practice provides premier house call services throughout Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. 

Getting quality medical care shouldn’t mean enduring a stressful commute or long waits in a crowded waiting room when you’re feeling under the weather.

Our team of experienced physicians and nurses will come directly to your home or hotel to provide prompt, personalized care in a comfortable environment.

House Call Services We Offer

  • Physical exams & wellness checks
  • Diagnosis and treatment for acute illnesses (flu, infections, etc.)
  • Management of chronic conditions
  • Lab work & vaccinations
  • IV fluids & injections
  • Care for seniors and those unable to easily leave home
  • Post-hospital discharge follow-up care
  • Minor wound care & stitches

Our medical house calls are available 7 days a week by appointment. We accept most major insurance plans or private pay. Don’t put off getting the care you need. Call (555) 867-5309 today to schedule a convenient house call with one of our top NYC concierge doctors.

Key Features

  • Convenience and Comfort: Patients receive medical care in the familiar and comfortable setting of their own home, eliminating the need to travel to a clinic or hospital. This is especially advantageous for elderly patients, those with mobility challenges, or individuals with busy schedules.
  • Personalized Care: House calls allow for a more intimate doctor-patient interaction. Physicians can better understand the patient’s living environment and lifestyle, which can be crucial in managing their health.
  • Comprehensive Assessments: During home visits, doctors have the opportunity to conduct thorough health assessments, including checking medications, evaluating the safety of the home environment, and discussing any concerns in a private setting.
  • Management of Chronic Conditions: For patients with chronic illnesses, house calls facilitate regular monitoring and adjustments in treatment plans without the stress of frequent clinic visits.
  • Acute Care Services: House calls are not only for routine check-ups but can also be used for acute medical issues, providing immediate care and avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits.
  • Family Involvement: When providing care at home, family members can be more involved in the patient’s care plan, understanding their needs and how to support them.
  • Follow-Up After Hospitalization: House calls are effective for post-hospitalization care, ensuring smooth transitions and reducing the risk of readmissions.
  • Preventive Care: Regular home visits allow for ongoing preventive care, including vaccinations, health screenings, and wellness advice tailored to the home setting.


  • Scheduling: Patients can schedule house calls as needed, or regular visits can be arranged for ongoing care.
  • Equipment and Supplies: Physicians come equipped with necessary medical supplies and portable diagnostic tools for comprehensive evaluations.
  • Coordination with Other Services: If additional care is needed, such as home health nursing or physical therapy, the concierge doctor can coordinate these services.

Our Approach

  • Personalized Attention: Every patient is unique. We offer personalized care, taking the time to understand your specific health needs and goals.
  • Expert Medical Team: Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is committed to providing the highest quality of care.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: Located in NYC, our office is easily accessible. We also offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

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